Contact Information

Reporting an Incident

Any member of the Chaminade community, employees, students, volunteers, and guests who believe that he or she has witnessed or has been the victim of sexual misconduct, harassment, or some other form of discrimination prohibited by the University’s Title IX / Nondiscrimination policy and wishes to make a complaint, should contact the Title IX Coordinator.

The Executive Director for Compliance & Personnel Services serves as the Title IX Coordinator and coordinates the University’s compliance with Title IX. The University’s Title IX Coordinator can be reached at the following:

Christine Denton
Executive Director for Compliance & Human Resources
Title IX Coordinator
(808) 739-8597

Alternate Email Addresses

Confidential Resources

Confidential resources are available to students and employees both on-campus and off-campus. Chaminade’s Personal Counseling Department offers an on-campus confidential counseling service option to students. If a person who has experienced an incident of discrimination or harassment does not desire action by the University and would like the details of the incident to be kept confidential, but desires to confide in someone, the party may speak with the following the Counseling Center (contact information below) and the following Confidential Resources:

On-Campus Confidential Resources

Campus Chaplain

Chaminade Counseling Center
Student Support Services Building

Off-campus Confidential Resources

Off-campus confidential resources are available through the following community organizations:

The Sex Abuse Treatment Center
24 Hour Hotline

Domestic Violence Action Center Helpline